On a study abroad trip to Tanzania, Laura was dared to eat a fried caterpillar and it was love at first bite! She learned that insects are the sustainable protein source she’d been looking for her entire life as a vegetarian. With her two college roommates Rose and Meryl, Laura set out to get Americans excited about eating bugs. In the beginning, everyone told us that we were crazy. However, in May 2014, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the world to Chirps cricket chips. It became one of the most successful food Kickstarters ever! Since then, we’ve been on a journey to spread the buzz about Chirps.

Rose and Laura - About Us - Chirps Chips Six Foods

Our Founders

Rose Wang

Rose studied psychology at Harvard, and she has worked at Microsoft and Abercrombie in marketing and strategy. Fun fact: She is from Nashville and fiddled for a year.

Laura D’Asaro

Laura studied African Studies at Harvard, and she started a nonprofit that gives kids in rural Kenya the opportunity to get a quality education. Fun Fact: Laura broke the world record for the fastest time to crawl one mile.

Meryl Natow

Meryl studied Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard, has an MFA in Design for Social Innovation, and has worked in branding and communication design. Fun fact: she’s a trained classical cellist.