Snack Size Sea Salt Chirps (6-Pack)

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As seen on Shark Tank. All-natural flavors accented with a light sprinkling of salt. Chirps are the first ever cricket chip, made with a wholesome mix of corn, beans, chia seeds, and of course cricket flour. With 5g of protein per snack bag, they are perfect in your child's lunch box or as a protein-full snack for you. Plus, guaranteed to get kids and adults alike "chirping" about the future of food!

Includes 6 snack size (1.25 Oz) bags.

Ingredients: Stone Ground Corn, High Oleic Sunflower and/or Safflower Oil, Navy Beans, Cricket Flour (Acheta Domesticus, Gryllodes Sigillatus), Pea Flour, Chia Seeds, Sea Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder.

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